Great reed warbler & Spotted redshank, late May 2014

Great reed warbler is a mega bird for Berkshire and an excellent find for Kevin Tubb in a new reed bed at Green (business) Park in Reading and the first twitchable bird for just about every current lister (even the top county lister, Chris Heard, needed it for his Berkshire list)


The “Spot shank” was the first “summ plum” bird this century and showed well, if distantly, for a few days at Burnthouse lane GP (opposite AWE)


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Marsh harrier: Moor Green Lakes, June 6th – July 15th at least

IMG_8817BoB_MarshMarsh harrier is a pretty scarce bird in Berkshire and usually very tricky to see being, generally, one-day-fly-throughs over early morning gravel pits. So the “long-staying” female at this very popular site is quite a treat (and opportunity)
Here’s a link to the Moor Green page on BirdsofBerkshire where there’s info on parking etc. It seems to disappear for long periods but the new workings seem to be a pretty reliable spot …

This Streetview link takes you to the car park

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Sanderling: Queen Mother Reservoir, April 22nd – 28th

QMR is the best place to see waders in Berkshire and the last week or so is the best time for this species. The series of records seem to be waves of the wader passing through on a broad front – with largish flocks at Farmoor too

IMG_6649_jpegBoBThis link takes you to the BerksofBerkshire website with info on QMR

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Dotterel: Bury Down, April 26th – 29th

The last weekend in April is the most likely time to trip over Dotterel and Bury Down, on the Downs above West Ilsley, is the most likely spot

This bird was found late on the Friday and showed well, if distantly, all day Saturday

Here’s a link to a page of The Downs to see how to get there

Click the “More info” button then the Bury Down link. The bird was north of the eastern car park

Here’s something about the day I found three birds (two males and a female) at Burnthouse lane … on the last weekend in April 2005!

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Black-necked grebe: Woolhampton GP, March 23rd – April 14th

Three summer plumage birds have been showing very well at the eastern end of the largest of the pits – Rowneys predator lake


Here’s a link to a page which has a map and info about the site

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Rock pipit: Queen Mother Reservoir, March 7th – 28th

Rock pipit is not particularly scarce but such a bright littoralis ssp is worth a visit


There are two littoralis there (one a little more typically confiding) and here’s a link to the “Queen Mum” page on

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Whooper swan: Beenham, February 18th – March 28th

Initially found with mutes in a field off the A4 near Padworth this pair have stayed quite faithfully to the same end of a large crop field

This centres the Google map of this most common location:

This streetview [] shows the gateway which is the best place to view the birds from (the gate is a little worse for wear now and is stuck open)

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