Turtle dove: Moneyrow Green, May 27th – June 7th still

Turtle dove is hardly a rarity but can be tricky to see in Berkshire; there are, however, a few sites which still seem to have regularly returning birds. Moneyrow Green (nr Holyport) is one of them (Woolhampton/Ruscombe/Nuptown are the others)

Click here for an overview map (red arrow for the viewing point)
This is the easiest entry to the site:   http://goo.gl/maps/reoB
You can park in Bartletts lane (blue cross) just opposite the entry to the bridleway shown in the Google ‘streetview’ link above

Park at the blue cross, view from the red crosses to its favoured trees, green cross (I’ve seen it feeding on the ground, west of the green cross, with pigeons)

While you are in the area it’s worth checking Bray GP, a site which has turned up RF Falcon, wryneck, Fudge duck, green-winged teal, slav grebe, scaup, RB merganser …
Click here then click the “MORE INFO” button

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